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Northern Survey takes responsibility

We invest in health & safety, environment and sustainability

We aim to minimise adverse impacts and contribute as much as possible!

We have a huge responsibility to the environment and to each other. We therefore constantly focus on new initiatives that can reduce the environmental impact of our operations and we are always outreach to new initiatives and products, that are environmentally friendly.


We are very concerned about our employees and care about that they thrive under the sometimes harsh conditions at sea, which is why we work daily to improve the health of all our employees.


We are very passionate about our profession and we are currently working on initiatives, that could give young people the opportunity to experience the maritime world, and hopefully become so fascinated by it, that they also want to educate themselves as seamen.

This is how we express our sense of corporate responsibility

Northern Survey works with concrete projects in 6 different focus areas, which together cover our corporate responsibility efforts


When the vessels in the Northern Survey are in service, they are mainly involved in projects that are to produce renewable energy. We are of course really happy and proud that we are helping to improve the environment. In addition, we always keep an eye on our fuel consumption and also focus attention on alternative types of fuel, so that we minimise any adverse impact on the environment.


All the vessels n the Northern Survey fleet are equipped with advanced warning systems and firefighting equipment, which our crews are trained to handle professionally. We conduct safety drills weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually on all our ships, to ensure that our crews are fully prepared in the event of an emergency. We also regularly carry out safety drills for the guests and visitors on board all our ships


At Northern Survey, we want to make an active effort to reduce climate impact and strive for more efficient use of resources by our company. This applies in daily operations, where we focus on utilizing the use of existing resources, among other things by fighting food waste.


We are very aware that helping to promote the physical and mental health of our employees has a positive effect on both day-to-day productivity and profitability. We have therefore entered a partnership with the health consultancy Company Health, which monitors our employees’ state of health closely and thus can advise on challenges with diet and exercise, both on board and on shore.


The well-being of our employees is something we really care about. In this regard it is important to accept that we are all different and each of us has something unique to contribute – working at sea inevitably involves some hardship and that’s why it is so important that there is a culture in the workplace of mutual support. This is how we like to put it: “You work AT Northern Survey, but you work FOR your family!”


We encourage all Northern Survey staff to take responsibility. When You take responsibility, You gain influence and thus, You help to set the agenda, in the context You are in. We also encourage You to take responsibility for your working life and involve us as a company, if You wish to do further education, so that we can support You, in your plans

In an effort to make a difference in the world's environmental challenges, we have decided to support the organization "Plastic Change" in their work, as plastic waste is dumped into the ocean every day, threatening wildlife. The plastic wraps around seals, turtles and dolphins and ends up in the stomachs of whales, birds and fish.

At Northern Survey, we believe that together we can make a difference! Read more at plasticchange.dk

Do you want to be part of our team?

We are always looking for committed and skilled people. Both if you already have extensive experience, or if you are new to the profession and would like help to progress. Contact us for a chat at: crew@northern-survey.com or at (+45) 60 20 86 30.

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Warehouse address: Brundtvej 13 · DK-8370 Hadsten

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Northern Survey ApS

Brundtvej 13 · DK-8370 Hadsten

Tel. (+45) 30 35 40 01


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