The shipping company

Northern Survey is a young and energetic shipping company, based on many years of experience in the offshore industry, the company was founded in 2009.

We operate our shipping company from Aarhus Harbor and serves offshore companies throughout Europe.


In Northern Survey we want to be the leading in the execution of offshore tasks, and we work 24/7 on creating the best possible solution for our clients. We always work on optimizing the workflow and not just stick with what we know. In Northern Survey, we have a plane structure, which secures a quick decision process. We prioritize a big management commitment, in terms of visible management onboard, both in harbor and when the ships are involved in projects.

Northern Survey focuses on the good work environment, and safety and health in particular.


As an employee at Northern Survey you will be met with a fair amount of freedom under responsibility. We expect you to engage in your work, also outside of your own field of study, to secure a good collegial work environment, and to ensure the good and constructive cooperation, regarding the daily- and project related tasks that will occur when working with us.


Brundtvej 13

DK-8370 Hadsten