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Northern Victoria

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Northern Victoria joined the Northern Survey fleet in February 2024.

The ship was built by Balenciaga in Spain, and this IMT 975 Offshore Supply / Survey / ROV Support vessel was originally delivered in 2003 as Grampian Surveyor.

After a hull inspection survey, change of ownership, and the annual class survey, Northern Victoria was ready for its first offshore job for Northern Survey in early March 2024.

The ship's dimensions are 75 meters in length and 16 meters in breadth (molded). It has a main deck and a mezzanine deck, totaling 650 m².

Northern Victoria offers comfortable accommodation with 21 single cabins and 14 double cabins, with a total capacity for 49 people onboard. The ship's facilities are designed to ensure a productive working environment, complemented by ample living and recreational spaces.

Crew members and customers can enjoy a spacious mess room, which is perfect for communal dining. For professional needs, the ship includes two ship offices, two client offices, and two survey rooms, providing ample space for administrative and project-related activities.

For leisure and relaxation, Northern Victoria has two TV lounges, a fitness room, and a sauna for unwinding after a long day. These facilities together create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere on board, making Northern Victoria a ship that enables the balance of work and leisure for those on board.

Northern Victoria is a highly advanced vessel, equipped with the latest technology to support a wide range of offshore operations. Key features include the NAVIS DP2 system, ensuring precise dynamic positioning. The ship is equipped with a powerful 20-ton TTS Norlift crane with a 2000-meter wire, enabling heavy lifting and deep-water operations. Additionally, the deck winches have a capacity of 5 tons each, enhancing the vessel's handling and operational efficiency.

For underwater and survey tasks, Northern Victoria is equipped with the Kongsberg HIPAP 500 L-USBL system, providing accurate underwater positioning and communication.

The vessel also has two moon pools, measuring 1200 x 1200 mm and 3580 x 3580 mm, enabling the safe and efficient deployment and recovery of ROVs and other underwater equipment.

These advanced features make Northern Victoria an invaluable asset to the Northern Survey fleet, capable of performing a wide range of offshore supply, survey, diving, and ROV support operations with exceptional efficiency and precision.

We are all extremely excited and proud of our new venture, Northern Victoria, which has become an integral part of the Northern Survey fleet. With its extraordinary operational features and performance, the vessel is contributing to enhancing our capabilities and achieving significant accomplishments.

Northern Victoria er egnet til: Dive OperationRov OperationGeotechnical samplingEnvironmental assignmentsGeophysical mapping


Lloyds Register
2003, Balenciaga, Spain
Call Sign
2786 tons
836 tons
Dead weight
2250 tons
75.0 m
16.0 m
5.75 m

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