Northern Survey OSV Cecilia

Cecilia is built as a supply-ship to Norway at the Dutch shipyard in 1974, and it was the third supply-ship ever, in the Norwegian oil adventure. For a period of time, the ship worked as a standby/rescue vessel in the Norwegian offshore sector. Northern Survey bought the ship in 2015, and we have been using the ship’s versatility for demanding tasks, where the ship has proven extremely reliable even under adverse weather and wind conditions.

Northern Survey M/V Frederik

In 1985 Frederik was built as a customs boat on Fassmer shipyard in Bremen, and served as a customs bout with homeport in Bremerhaven. In 2011 the ship came under the Danish flag and rebuild as a Survey and ROV Vessel. Frederick has serviced wind farms both before, during and after the construction of these, both at home and abroad. Northern Survey bought Frederik in 2016, and we highly appreciate the small ship, which, among other things, excels by being a well-equipped on both the machine and on the bridge. Frederik has great advantage with its low draft and its waterjets, because this makes it possible, for the ship to operate a low depth of water

Northern Survey M/V Karoline

Karoline is Northern Survey’s first ship, and was originally built as a whaler in the yard of Glasgow, Scotland. Karoline worked as a whaler by the South Pole, until this was banned in the 1960s. After that the ship served as a cargo ship of tons of rocks from Norway to the Danish harbors. In the 1980s Karoline was rebuilt as a standby-rescue Vessel for the offshore-sector. In 2009 Northern Survey bought the ship of Møkster shipping and Karoline is used for different surgery tasks.


Brundtvej 13

DK-8370 Hadsten